Happy Days
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Adelaide. Biology. Teaching. Art. French. Waitressing.

"We are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be" JG.

I physically and mentally cannot handle this lifestyle. I work I study and I catch the freaking train and drive 35 minutes to work. I stay up late. I eat at the wrong times. I don’t have someone to depend on and nobody depends on me. I can’t fit in the things I want to do like art or volunteering. Today I slept on the train home. It was a school train completely full and I was so out of it. 

I’m just not sure how on earth I’m going to be able to finish my degree if I can’t get out of this rut. Like I’m not somebody who can function without 8 hours sleep every night, I’m just not, and with uni and work and travel there is no way to get that sleep anymore. I’m really struggling with coursework, because it’s so much contact time, and I’m not even doing 4 subjects. 

I took a really hideous photo with my nose squished up against a badminton racket and it’s hilariously ugly but do you know what only girls liked it because they know it’s funny but guys have no concept of girls not trying to look hot in photos and it’s just like fuck off we have humour and there’s more to us than perfection

everyones always like ‘i love your hair colour’ ‘your natural hair is great’ ‘don’t dye it’ when i say i want to but lets be honest i get about a billion more compliments when it’s dyed and its awful in photos and if y’all had ranga hair you would dye it too in a heartbeat don’t even bother telling me otherwise. so yeah i’m gonna dye it forevermore because I hate it and it’s not up to anyone else.


do you ever have those moments where even if you’re not romantically involved with someone, you see someone else start talking to them and you just kinda wanna hiss and throws things at them because fuck you that’s my person get your own 

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